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Question: Will the penalties and sanctions be sufficiently robust?

Total 21.0

(2 points - 6 countries,1 points - 9 countries,0 points - 12 countries)

Although there has been clear progress in the consideration of robust penalties and sanctions, only six countries scored 2 points for this question, indicating that only a few Member States have confirmed they'll impose appropriately proportionate and dissuasive penalties and sanctions. Nine countries scored 1 point, indicating either that weak penalties and sanctions were planned, or that the government was planning to introduce penalties and sanctions, but no details were given of the levels of these. Twelve countries scored no points, either because the government had no position to give on penalties and sanctions, or because there was no statement tying existing penalties and sanctions to those that would be implemented for contravention of the FLEGT Regulation.



Austria 0.0
Belgium 2.0
Bulgaria 1.0
Cyprus 2.0
Czech Republic 1.0
Denmark 2.0
Estonia 0.0
Finland 0.0
France 0.0
Germany 2.0
Greece 0.0
Hungary 1.0
Ireland 1.0
Italy 0.0
Latvia 0.0
Lithuania 1.0
Luxembourg 2.0
Malta 0.0
Poland 1.0
Portugal 0.0
Romania 0.0
Slovakia 0.0
Slovenia 1.0
Spain 0.0
Sweden 2.0
The Netherlands 1.0
United Kingdom 1.0

Rating of action:

From 1.4 up to and including 2 points


From 0.8 up to but not including 1.4 points


Up to but not including 0.8 point